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Welcome to this interactive Global Survey

on People Migration!

The people migration study is aimed at ascertaining if people move home between National census intervals and why. On this page are the preliminary results. Thank you to all of you who have donated information! If you have yet to take part in this survey using your own life experiences and have been uncertain about the outcome, it is hoped this page is reassuring to you.

Preliminary Results. 21 April, 2008

A total of 37 valid results have been used in the summary. More results than this were received, but  were unusable for a variety of reasons such as duplicate entries or obvious mistakes that were later corrected by the submission of a second input from the participant.

Data has been sent in by respondents from the following Regions.

Australia Canada Europe USA Total
7 7 14 9 37

Chart 1: Number of Respondents living in a Region at the time they completed the survey

and to give a quick indication of migration, of the respondents so far, the Birth Regions  show, not unexpectedly, the migration trend is from Europe

Region Australia Canada Europe USA Total
Number born 2 10 20 5 37

Chart 2: Number of Respondents born in a Region before they migrated

The survey was constructed in such a way as to identify the pattern of migration, the results to date are shown in Chart 3 that seem to indicate that both Australia and the USA are seen as lands of opportunity!


Birth Region

Receiving (Living now) Region

  Australia Canada Europe USA
Australia 0 0 0 0
Canada 1 0 1 3
Europe 4 2 0 1
USA 0 0 0 0

Chart 3: Pattern of Migration of Respondents.

Other statistical data:

Females Male  

The ladies are definitely showing the men the way home when it comes to sharing information, and this goes against the global statistics that say more men use the Internet than women! Well done the ladies! Men are also more reticent about sharing their age, I wonder why?

Congratulations to the senior citizens, I am very impressed!

Number Responded 28 9
Under 10 years 0 0
Age 11 - 20 years 0 0
Age 21 - 30 years 4 0
Age 31 - 40 years 1 1
Age 41 - 50 years 9 2
Age 51 - 60 years 6 3
Age 61 - 70 years 7 0
Age of 70 years 1 0
Not Specified 0 3
Retired 6 5

More Results & Analysis

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Initial data created 8 August 2000 and most recent update was 08 August 2000

Enquiries relating to this data should be addressed to Don Dickson. Permission to reuse the data for academic purposes will not be withheld provided that a request is first sent to Don Dickson and an acknowledgement given as to the source. Use of this data in any commercial publication without the express written permission of Don Dickson is not authorised.