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Welcome to this interactive Global Survey

on People Migration!

The people migration study is aimed at ascertaining if people move home between National census intervals and why. You will be able to respond using your own life experiences.
For instance elsewhere on this domain I have published the results of a survey that I undertook by examining the census reports for the English village of Kelsall in Cheshire, between 1841 and 1891. When I look at my own personal experiences on life and living, for instance, I see that I moved many times in between the census years that occur every ten years. So any future research based upon the eventual publication of census years from 1951 would fail to capture all the moves, or "migrations" that I had made in the interval years.
So by using the power of the Internet, the objective is to capture data relevant to the moves, or "migrations" that people have made. By migration I mean movement of "home", be that an apartment in the same town, or to a different town or even to a different country. I also hope to capture the basic reasons why people move, so there are a coupe of questions about that as well. As and folks start to respond to the "questionnaire" I will publish some preliminary feedback that will be accessed from this page.
There are no questions that ask for any identity of any person. So I hope that in due course you will make a contribution to the data and give it a truly global dimension... Thanks!

Don Dickson.

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This page was updated on 09 November 2010