Castle Douglas

Douglas Castle, Douglasdale, Lanarkshire, on the A70 road, 20 miles south west of Lanark.

Douglas Castle stood near the site of the present day town of Douglas, in the centre of the old coal mining area. It was, according to Susan Ross in her book, The Castles of Scotland, definitely standing in 1307 when history records Sir James Douglas trapping the English garrison while they were at worship in the Chapel, and thereby recapturing his castle. The castle suffered a sad demise when it was demolished between 1938 and 1948 due to a coal seam opening below it. The castle's main claim to fame was as the seat of Sir James Douglas, who was one of Robert Bruce's foremost commanders during the king's guerrilla campaign to regain his Scottish Crown. Aside from his patriotism, Douglas was notorious for his acts of terrorism. The castle was badly damaged during the wars of Robert Bruce, rebuilt, immortalised by Sir Walter Scott as his " Castle Dangerous "

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