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Photo of Don Dickson I developed an interest in family history research after a family bereavement, and the realisation that I knew almost nothing of my antecedents. With little but my own birth certificate, the name of my paternal grandfather and a passion to discover, I set out on this never ending journey that has led to the creation of this site. I hope you enjoy your exploration!

I traced my paternal direct origins to Limerick in Ireland and discovered new cousins in England, Scotland, Australia  Canada and the USA. I discovered a great grandmother with a "rare" family name of HASPEY and continue to trace that family on an ongoing basis. I also discovered ancestral links with the 19th century Cheshire Township of Kelsall. Other ancestral origins involve Liverpool & Sheffield. I 'discovered' family in Scotland, in Atlanta USA and New Zealand. 

Never one to let the grass grow I have used my interest in Family History to develop an interest in Community History and you can check out my academic alter ego in the Kelsall Pages. I also developed from my paternal grandfather links with the Leinster Regiment and wish to commemorate the officers and men of this almost forgotten Irish Regiment of the British Army.

So ... if you believe that you can contribute and expand the usefulness of this site, or if you just have a question you think that I can help with ... then send an e-mail to me. I'd love to hear from you

Email me at and make the subject Family History.


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