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Early History

Date Topic Detail
01 Jan 2001 Kelsall in the 21st Century Whilst I write about Victorian Kelsall, the folks in Kelsall are actually charting out their own heritage in "real time". Check out the Kelsall Community's very own web site" This is a wonderful site that depicts Kelsall as it is today.
01 Jan 2001 Victorian religion This is a general essay that discusses some general perceptions about organised religion in Victorian Britain. Whilst the essay is very general in nature, there are aspects that will apply to Victorian Religion in Kelsall, though not in any specific sense. Victorian Kelsall had both nonconformist and Anglican followings, though if there was a Catholic following it did not appear to be openly practiced in Kelsall.

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08 Aug 2000 On-Line Maps Added a Link to the Old Maps of Britain that are provided by Landmark Information Group. Many 19th Century Maps of Britain are available "on-line" in great detail, even down to house level in some instances.
08 August 2000 Easy Peasy Guides A little on the "cheeky" side, but as I have my own web design agency, I put my own banner on a few selected pages. Why not check out the service? It may just be what you are looking for.
08 August 2000 Global Migration Survey Results Preliminary results from the Global Migration Survey make fascinating reading with perhaps gender implications in this brave Internet world! This you have to see!
11 June 2000 Leinster Regiment This is really part of some non-Kelsall work that I am engaged upon, but it makes interesting reading if you are interested in early British Army activities. Added to the Leinster Regiment research pages an update form for researchers into the Leinster Regiment. This allows researchers to log their interest in the Regiment.
27 March 2000 1881 Census The 1881 census for Kelsall has been updated to reflect an identified transcription error for RG11/3553 page 26 schedule entry 117 Surname Bescott has been corrected to Prescott.
19 March 2000 British Army Soldiers These pages have been created in response to e-mails that I regularly receive asking for information on how to trace army historical information.
18 March 2000 Global Migration Survey An ambitious project to develop a simple Global Migration Study to see who moved between census years. The study is based upon your own personal experience. No personal data is required so why not make a contribution?
20 August 1999 Recommended Books & Directory of Files that you can download I have over 100 books on family history and social history research, so it seems logical to praise those I like and use regularly, and perhaps comment on those which have proven to be less useful for me. Where it is still possible to purchase these books I have provided a hyperlink to an on-line book shop should you think a particular book  would be useful for you.
28 July 1999 School Logbook Logbook of Kelsall National School 1874. This is the transcription of the headmasters logbook for the complete year of 1874. It contains multiple references to pupils by name. This is a 'must' if you would like to read about school life in 1874. Read the real words written by the headmaster!
10 July 1999 Installation Guide 1881 Census The installation instructions from the LDS are very minimal, so if you are having trouble installing the 1881 Census CDs, or you are waiting the arrival of your order, download this essential guide on how to install the 1881 Census
20 June 1999 Update of the PDF and Zip Files for the Tithe Awards The original file had many names missing due to an error that occurred when creating the Adobe Reader file form Excel 97. This is now corrected and the current file contains all the names in the Tithe Records held at Cheshire Record Office.
20 June 1999 St. Philips Anglican Church Marriage Register 1869 - 1899 A full transcription of the register covering the 30 year period 1869 -1899. Contains all the entry details. Can be viewed on line or downloaded to your PC
20 June 1999 Average age at marriage in Kelsall 1869 - 1899 Two charts have been added to the 19th century Kelsall demographics study. These plot the average age at marriage for couples who married at St Philips Anglican Church Kelsall between 1869 and 1899. These charts will be of use to researchers who are seeking an indication of average age at marriage for males and females in this 30 year period.
20 June 1999 Socio-Economic Grouping in 19th Century Kelsall The CEBs for each census year 1851 -1891 have been analysed to determine the extent of Socio Economic Grouping of the inhabitants. The data may be viewed on line or you may download to your PC.
09 May 1999 Auto Update Notification Automatic notification of changes to Kelsall Information offered via e-mail
5 May 1999 Crown Copyright Extracts from PRO leaflet concerning copyright of unpublished crown material such as CEBs
18 April 1999 War Memorial A picture of the Memorial to the memory of soldiers who died in the great war of 1914-18, listing their names, theatre of war and approximate date of demise. Also included is the data of those who died whose names were not listed on the war memorial when I took the picture in 1998. There is also a brief history of the Regiment they served in, though this is in a very early stage and must be regarded as a Work in Progress. Total of 3 new pages added.
03 April 1999 Kelsall Tithe Allocations Updated pages providing additional information on key executors and dividing the table into "sorted by landowner" and "sorted by tenant"
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  Start Up Releases

Date Topic Detail
24 March 1999 Parish Registers Kelsall Methodist Church from 1815, extractions from early accounts & information on Burial registers
23 March 1999 Census Data Occupations of persons enumerated in Kelsall in 1851
23 March 1999 Census Data Farmers in Kelsall 1841 - 1891
22 March 1999 Census Data Census Summary for Kelsall 1851 - 1891
22 March 1999 Census Data Population origins for Kelsall 1851 - 1891
20 March 1999 Census Data Census Data for 1841, 1861,1871 & 1891
14 March 1999 DA301 Final Project Report Kelsall 1841-1891 the final project report for the OU course DA301 posted
07 March 1999 DA301 Final Project Report Access to Kelsall 1841-1891 project PDF files for download
07 March 1999 Kelsall Tithe Apportionment 1838 Tithe map property list providing names of owners & tenants
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