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Kelsall 1838 Tithe Awards

Tithe Maps evolved from the Enclosure Acts introduced in the 18th & 19th century in England. In many cases they produced for the first time a written record of individual properties in a community, and more importantly who occupied the properties. The lists of who occupied the properties or dwellings were hand written into a book together with the names of the owner of the land. This gave rise to lists of owners and lists of tenants. Most "tithe" books also include the value of the land and the purpose, or use, of the land. The original tithe book for Kelsall is kept at the Cheshire Record Office in Chester.

Points should be kept in mind when evaluating names in a tithe book as follows. The person who originally wrote down the name, more often than not, just wrote down what was heard, and applied phonetic spelling of a name, for example Dickson could become Dixon. There was often the replication of "dropped Hs", that is Hapton could become Apton. Another point to be kept in mind is that the records are hand-written, so transcription is sometimes difficult. For Kelsall the greatest care was used in transcribing the names, but in case of doubt you are advised to consult the actual records at the Cheshire Record Office.

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