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St. Philips Anglican Church Marriage Register

The marriage register covers the thirty year period 1869 - 1899 and has been transcribed in its entirety. This makes the document very wide and difficult to display in HTML.

The document which was originally created in Excel 97 has been saved in Adobe Acrobat 3.1 format and you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file of the register.

You can either view the file on line or download the file according to your preference. If you choose to download the file you will need to UnZip the file after it has downloaded to your PC. The file was zipped with WinZip and the majority of shareware and commercial Zip products can handle the format without problem.

Exclaim3151.gif (1443 bytes) Once you have opened the file you will be presented with a screen view that is impossible to read so you must choose the "Zoom To" feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader and set this to 200%, or above, to read the names.

The register entry contains the following information.

  • Year, Day & Month of ceremony
  • Forename, Surname & Age of Groom
  • Condition, Profession & Residence of Groom
  • Father of Groom Surname, Forename & Occupation
  • Brides Forename, Maiden name, Age & Residence
  • Brides father's Surname, Forename & Occupation
  • Names of Witnesses to the ceremony
  • Did the Groom and Bridegroom sign the register or make their mark.

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