19th Century Township Data

Kelsall, Cheshire.

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Results of an investigation of Kelsall

Donald G Dickson

The Cheshire Township of Kelsall 1841-1891

An example of demographic change

In 19th century England, it was pre-suppose that villages and rural townships were limited in their potential for growth unless they adapted to the new external environment. Testing this hypothesis, this paper written by Don Dickson, provides the initial results of an exploratory content analysis of the 19th Century Township of Kelsall in Cheshire, between 1832 and 1897, that confirms such a demographic change took place. There is also a graphical analysis of the age at marriage of couples who married in St Philips Anglican Church between 1869 - 1899.

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Map of the ancient township of Kelsall in 1874


Researching Kelsall set it's own challenges, not the least of which was that I live over 200 miles away. Fortunately access to the Family Record Centre in London was not as challenging so that, for the bulk of the analysis, my personal location was immaterial. I mention this because I believe that this example of research demonstrates that you are not restricted to comity history research where you live!

Nevertheless, field trips to Kelsall did glean much information, especially from elderly inhabitants, and this combined with the rich sources of Chester Record Office have led to my starting a "Kelsall Collection" of social history data.

Multiple re-iterations to secure the correct report length has led to significant amounts of analysis not being included, so providing material which will be posted to the site later (keep a keen eye on "What's new?).

What's in the report

An analysis of the population, class and gender. An analysis of occupations of the inhabitants. There is one map (pictured above) and an advertisement for the Royal Oak public house of the period. There is a contemporary (1998) photograph of the "Royal Oak"

What's not in the report

There are no lists of inhabitants names in this report, though a full bibliography of other academic authors is included.
If information from this academic paper is used in support of other academic projects please acknowledge the source in one of the following ways:
Dickson D. G. "The Cheshire Township of Kelsall 1841-1891; An example of demographic change" 1998. Published on
Dickson D. G. "The Cheshire Township of Kelsall 1841-1891; An example of demographic change" 1998. Privately published on CD ROM by the author.

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Selected parts of the Kelsall 19c report

Kelsall Township Brief overview of 19th century Kelsall
Other researchers Work by other researchers referenced in the report
Sources Using Census Enumerator Books for research
Sources 2 Tithe Maps & Other primary sources
Methods Explanation of the methods used in the research
Findings 1 Data on population & migration
Findings 2 Household demographics & servants
Findings 3 Comment upon Social Mobility
Findings 4 Socio-Economic Grouping
Conclusions Did Kelsall change?
Appendix Appendix to the report containing numerous tables.

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Analysis of Average Age at Marriage 1869 -1899 St Philips Church Kelsall

The analysis plots the average age at marriage of males and females during a 30 year period between 1869 & 1899 in the Anglican Church of St. Philip in Kelsall, Cheshire.

The analysis is contained in two charts, one for males and one for females.

The interest for family and community history researchers rests in the use of the charts. From the charts it is possible to determine the average age at marriage for a given year, thus if you are seeking marriage dates of other individuals in the same time period, these charts give you a starting point should you know the birth year of the individual you are searching for.

For example if the person you are researching was born in 1840, then from the "age at marriage chart" you can develop a marriage year for an average male.

Keep in mind that the charts provide average ages, and thus the fluctuation can be wide and the person you are researching could lay at either extreme. If you  are interested in studying the marriage register in detail it is possible to either view or download a copy of the register from this web site.

Make your choice from the following.

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