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This site is has two areas, one dedicated to family history associated with the descendents of the Dickson family that originated in Limerick, Ireland, in the 19th Century. There are pages that deal with the history of the Leinster Regiment and contains multiple references to individual soldiers. The other area of the site is focused on the 19th Century Social & Community History of Kelsall in Cheshire. The Kelsall pages are rich in names of the people who lived in Kelsall between 1838 and 1891.

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The Kelsall route

Kelsall 19th Century Social & Community History

Map of British Isles showing location of Limerick and Kelsall The Dickson Route

Family History Frames

Family History No Frames

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The Kelsall area contains social history information from the 19th century township of Kelsall, in Cheshire, England, and it contains a wealth of "academic" information. There is tabulated data of the 19th century inhabitants, Census data, tithe allocation, and parish register extracts are available. Much of the data can be downloaded as Zip versions of Adobe Acrobat files. Data contained in Adobe files is reported as Y2K safe by Norton 2000 file analyser.

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The Family History area uses "frames" to enhance your "surfing" ... if you prefer not to use frames just select the "no frames" gateway. focuses on the descendents of the Dickson family that originated in Limerick, Ireland from 1818, together with the multiple branches that subsequently developed as a consequence of marriage and partnerships. Most frequent names are Dickson, Holding, Haspey, Brooks, Thraves. The site also contains information that relates specifically to a one name study of the Haspey surname. This section also includes social and historical information of Liverpool and Limerick. The Dicksons emigrated from Ireland to Scotland (Glasgow), USA (Chicago & Illinois), England (Liverpool), and one ancestor, Captain John Dickson traveled the world! This section also includes a Regimental History of the Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment which was disbanded in 1922.

Both sections are regularly updated and a "What's new?" page is dedicated for each section.

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